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Chao Pho tho Kong Helgedom i Ban Phe, Rayong


Chao Pho tho Kong Helgedom i Ban Phe, Rayong

Publicerad dendecember 1, 2017 iAktiviteter

Hidden in the trees of a small hilltop along the coastline in between Ban Phe and Laem Mae Phim Beach is Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine. It’s one of the more than 40,000 temples scattered across Thailand and easy to drive past without even noticing the Thai navy ship-shaped shrine.

Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine in Rayong province, Thailand, home to the only Thai navy ship shrine
Quite possibly the only Thai navy ship shrine in Thailand….have you ever seen another?

Even if the promise of an intriguing Thai navy ship shrine doesn’t make you curious, Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine is still worth visiting if you are in Rayong province. Relax for a few minutes and enjoy the amazing view of Ko Samet. (photos at the end)

Hidden On The Beaten Path

Although located right on the busy road between Ban Phe and Laem Mae Phim Beach, nearly all farang drive past completely oblivious because most of the structures are shrouded by trees.

Buried in the trees and easy to miss is Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine in Ban Phe, Rayong province, Thailand

The entrance to the temple and several small, colorful, elaborately decorated shrines are located at the base of the small hill. Grab a handful of incense sticks, light them using the flame and then proceed to place three incense sticks at each of the three small shrines (in clockwork order starting from the shrine located furthest from the hill). The remaining incense are for the giant Buddha.

Welcome to Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine

After finishing, proceed up the stairs to the rest of the shrine. Even before this specific shrine was built, local fisherman have long since used this spot to pay homage before going out to sea.

Chao Pho To Kong Shrine in Ban Phe, Rayong, Thailand

Don’t Miss Koh Samet!

As fascinating as Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine is, don’t forget to spin around 180° and soak up the amazing view of Koh Samet, Rayong’s #1 island.

View of Koh Samet from Chao Pho tho Kong Shrine in Ban Phe, Rayong, Thailand
Koh Samet is just 15 minutes away by speedboat or an hour by ferry — and a MUST VISIT while in Rayong

Var är Chao Pho tho Kong Helgedom?

  From Ban Phe head east along the beach road to the end of Hat Suan Son. After the road hooks left, take the first path on the right ― the entrance to Chao Pho tho Kong.

This article was originally published on The HoliDaze in October 2017 except author Derek Freal misspelled the name as ”Chao Pho To Kong Shrine” oops! All photos ©2017 and used with permission.

Traveled the world for a decade then came to Rayong for one week. Two years later, still here 😂🏖 When not relaxing on Mae Rumphueng Beach or exploring Rayong, I produce travel videos and off the beaten path travel guides for The HoliDaze.


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In early 2016 I came to Rayong for one week. I’m still here. My name is Derek Freal, a cubicle escapee turned professional travel blogger who spent almost 8 years as a nomad before discovering the beaches of Rayong on my fourth trip to Thailand. Although I still travel the world for work, you can find me here anytime I have a few weeks off work, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Rayong 😉

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