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What to See/Eat/Do + Rayong beach condos for sale/rent

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Ban Phe. Gateway to Koh Samet, one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. Home to delicious food, deserted beaches and friendly locals. A true Thai paradise. (Ban Phe, that is, not Koh Samet.) 😉

  What makes Ban Phe so special?

Tourists arrive via bus and get dropped off at the pier, the hop the ferry straight to Koh Samet. The few tourists who come to Rayong province are completely oblivious to all the beaches and activities on the mainland just minutes from the pier.

  Thailand’s best kept secret!

There is a small group of expats in Mae Rumphueng, Ban Phe, Taphong and elsewhere around Rayong. A few own bars or delis or just take occasional motorcycle trips around Thailand with their wife or buddies. Everyone here is pretty friendly and laid back, from locals to expats to even the police (who love to take selfies with you 😉).

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All About Rayong

Posted on October 11, 2017 in Activities, Beaches

Rayong province is well-known by Thai people but has been largely overlooked by farang (foreigners). With more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) of coastline, Rayong has plenty of beautiful beaches that remain virtually untouched. However the province has traditionally focused on fishing, agriculture and industry rather than tourism, like most other Thai provinces. The result is an untouched and off the beaten path Thai paradise! What would you like to know about Rayong? Read more…

Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park

Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park is located in Rayong, Thailand just down the street from Mae Rumphueng Beach. Comprised of 81,875 rai (131 square kilometres or 50 square miles), the national park is actually split into two portions.

The first half of Khao Laem Ya Mu Ko Samet National Park is on the mainland next to Ban Phe and Mae Rumphueng Beach. The huge hilltop here can be dominates the coastline and can be seen many kilometres away.

Read more…


Rayong is full of beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and tons of amazing activities. Wondering what to do while here? Look no further!


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