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What to See/Eat/Do + Rayong beach condos for sale/rent

Mae Rumphueng Beach is a quiet, off the beaten path 10-kilometre stretch of sand in Rayong province, eastern Thailand. It is one of those hidden gems that people just whisper about to “worthy” friends, instead of blogging about it….ssshhhhh! 😉

  How is Mae Rumphueng Beach so perfect AND so peaceful?

Most tourists who visit Rayong only come for Koh Samet. They get off the bus, stop in the store for a minute and then hop on the ferry to the island, completely oblivious to all the beaches and activities on the mainland that they are missing out on.

  Just the way we locals like it!

Although tourists are rare here, Thai people all know and love Rayong. Mae Rumphueng and the other nearby beaches are the popular weekend getaway for Bangkok locals eager to escape the cement jungle for a couple of nights. The fact that farang are the minority here in Rayong — unlike other well-known Thai destinations, where tourists outnumber locals — only adds to the authenticity. Did you come to Thailand to be surrounded by white people, or Thai people?

Mae Rumphueng Beach

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