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What to See/Eat/Do + Rayong beach condos for sale/rent

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Welcome to Rayong, Thailand, an off the beaten path Thai paradise that thus far has remained overlooked by most tourists…..hooray!

  Rayong is surprisingly addicting

Our little piece of Thai paradise is perfect and we are trying to keep it that way. Of course eventually one day this quiet little 10km stretch of beach will become more popular and more busy….such is the inevitable curse of modern progress. All we can do is try and do is attract more good people to help maintain the amazing vibe here. Rayong is not Pattaya, and that is exactly how we would like it to stay.

  “I came here for two weeks. That was XX years ago.”

Every expat who now calls Mae Rumphueng Beach or Rayong home originally came here for vacation and then fell in love with the area. Most just accidentally stumbled upon this little corner of Thai paradise, however a few have been tipped off by other cool folks living here. 😉 (Even I was invited here for one week by a local friend and that was two years ago.)

All You Need To Know About Rayong

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All About Rayong

Posted on October 11, 2017 in Activities, Beaches

Rayong province is well-known by Thai people but has been largely overlooked by farang (foreigners). With more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) of coastline, Rayong has plenty of beautiful beaches that remain virtually untouched. However the province has traditionally focused on fishing, agriculture and industry rather than tourism, like most other Thai provinces. The result is an untouched and off the beaten path Thai paradise! What would you like to know about Rayong? Read more…


Rayong is full of beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants and tons of amazing activities. Wondering what to do while here? Look no further!


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