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What to See/Eat/Do + Rayong beach condos for sale/rent

The sunrise Archives

One of the best ways to start your day in paradise is by catching the early morning sunrise in Rayong. We’ve worked hard waking up early to compile this collection of the best sunrise view spots in Ban Phe and the surrounding areas.

  Hope you remembered your camera!

Koh Samet and the Khao Laem Ya — Mu Ko Samet National Park are some of the most beautiful sunrise spots, obviously, but there are many others throughout Rayong province.

Sunrise at Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park Sunrise over Khao Laem Ya — Mu Ko Samet National Park with Koh Samet in the distance

Overslept and don’t have time to go far? Head for the rooftop of the 34-floor VIP Condos on Mae Rumphueng Beach to catch a breathtaking sunrise over Koh Samet, one of my personal favorite spots. Even more ideas and photos are included below 😉

Where to view the sunrise in Rayong

Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park

Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park is located in Rayong, Thailand just down the street from Mae Rumphueng Beach. Comprised of 81,875 rai (131 square kilometres or 50 square miles), the national park is actually split into two portions.

The first half of Khao Laem Ya Mu Ko Samet National Park is on the mainland next to Ban Phe and Mae Rumphueng Beach. The huge hilltop here can be dominates the coastline and can be seen many kilometres away.

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The Rayong Beach Blog

Covering all the best Rayong beaches, activities, sights, food, festivals, nightlife and more. Welcome to Thailand’s hidden gem, an off the beaten path paradise that no one has documented in such detail….until now. Home of some of the last remaining beautiful deserted beaches in the Thai Kingdom.


About The Author

In early 2016 I came to Rayong for one week. I’m still here. My name is Derek Freal, a cubicle escapee turned professional travel blogger who spent almost 8 years as a nomad before discovering the beaches of Rayong on my fourth trip to Thailand. Although I still travel the world for work, you can find me here anytime I have a few weeks off work, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Rayong 😉

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