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What to See/Eat/Do + Rayong beach condos for sale/rent

Thanom Kitchen

Thanom Kitchen restaurant on Mae Rumphueng Beach in Rayong, Thailand

Thanom Kitchen

Posted on October 5, 2017 in Restaurants

A favorite of both Thai and foreign visitors to Mae Rumphueng Beach, Thanom Kitchen has been satisfying hungry customers for more years than anyone can remember. They serve delicious Thai food and a few tasty western dishes as well, including the best continental breakfast on the beach.

Thanom Kitchen has an extensive menu that focuses primarily on seafood — basically every time of seafood you can imagine. From fish to prawns, squid to crab, and everything else in between, seafood is where Thanom Kitchen really shines. However TK also serves a lot more than just seafood. They offer a huge selection of chicken, pork, and vegetarian dishes as well. There are also several international dishes to choose from, even kids meals to appeal to the younger ones.

Beach view from Thanom Kitchen restaurant on Mae Rumphueng Beach in Rayong, Thailand
Breakfast with a nice view of Mae Rumphueng Beach, what a great way to start the day!

Don’t forget to try their delicious fresh fruit shakes!

Located right in front of VIP Condos and The Royal Rayong, guests can dine in the restaurant or enjoy their food at one of the numerous shaded tables on the beachfront directly across the street. Once you become a regular, they’ll even deliver it to your condo at VIP or Royal Rayong 😉

Mae Rumphueng Beach dining
You can even dine directly on Mae Rumphueng Beach!

Mae Rumphueng Beach dining

View and/or download the full Thanom Kitchen menu here. Warning: They serve A LOT of food. So much food the menu is separated into several different parts. All menus are in both English and Thai.

Thanom Kitchen

Next door to Pizzeria Sofia. Or find them on Facebook.

  Hat Mae Rumphueng Road, Rayong, Thailand 21160
  +66 (0) 89 542 6135
  7am – 10pm

Traveled the world for a decade then came to Rayong for one week. Two years later, still here 😂🏖 When not relaxing on Mae Rumphueng Beach or exploring Rayong, I produce travel videos and off the beaten path travel guides for The HoliDaze.


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Rayong beach condos for sale in Thailand.....this beach could be your new home!

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In early 2016 I came to Rayong for one week. I’m still here. My name is Derek Freal, a cubicle escapee turned professional travel blogger who spent almost 8 years as a nomad before discovering the beaches of Rayong on my fourth trip to Thailand. Although I still travel the world for work, you can find me here anytime I have a few weeks off work, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Rayong 😉

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